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Turning hybrid workers into vibrant communities.

The moveklub app effortlessly unites employees in sports ventures to pave the way for vibrant teams that excel.

Create and join activities on our app

Schedule unlimited activities

Driven by your community

A picture of runners smiling while jogging.

"Finally a positive way to get my team back to the office!"

Joanna, HR Manager

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The moveklub app

An image of a woman stretching before a run

All the activities in one place

Allow your employees to see all the sport events that are happening in the company and join them with just one click to go beyond traditional employee wellbeing programs.

An image of oa group of runners, running away from the camera.

Create and let others join

Empower your employees to create their own workout sessions and automatically let others know and join them. Let your teams contribute to your corporate wellbeing.

A picture of runners at the ready before starting to race.

Track progress and compete

How many steps can your whole team make in one month? Spark team spirit with our challenges. Decide to compete internally or with other companies.

A picture of a person holding a phone with the moveklub app.

Get your free demo

 Request a demo for a private tour.

Inclusive by design

Anyone can schedule their own activity. From running to yoga and mindful walking, quit the guesswork and let your team show you what they really need.

A group of women during a zumba class

Lightning quick setup. 
Get your moveklub ready in minutes.

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